These women will share their knowledge

and knowing with you.


On all levels.



These are some of the women who will accompany you this weekend. They come from all directions, different nations, different traditions. All following the call of ancient wisdom and their ancestors. To walk new paths together with you

 The circle of wisdom keepers is gradually filling up and we look forward to welcoming each of them. Each one brings her own magic or medicine into our collective, as different as they are, as powerful it is to experience them together.


It was through her Native American and Northern European ancestors that Anne-Mareike came into contact with shamanic knowledge and the invisible worlds and their powers early on. Her parents always kept the path to the other world and higher dimensions open for her, so her life is marked by magical encounters. Through her twin existence she has a very special access to the spiritual world and at the same time she is deeply connected to Mother Earth in the here and now.

Anne-Mareike is deeply connected to the holy places of the earth, be it Grand Canyon, Glastonbury (Avalon) or the Externsteine, her connection to the worlds and the ancestors opens the curtains for very special experiences. And on one of these, Anne-Mareike will also accompany you at the Externsteine.

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Belinda comes from the Navajo and Zuni line. Her maternal clan is One Who Walks Around. Her paternal clan is Zuni. Raised on the Navajo Reservation as a child, she learned the teachings of her ancestors and the culture of the Navajo and Zuni peoples. Successful in her profession, she followed her call and devoted herself fully to her path as a MedicineWoman and ambassador for her culture. Belinda is a Wisdom Carrier and an international speaker on the sacredness of plants, holds sweat lodges and talking circles and looks forward to connecting with the women of Europe.

Belinda shares universal knowledge and works with herbs, essential oils and energy to support individual transformation. She will give you insights into an unbroken spiritual tradition at the Gathering. What she shares with you will also be able to accompany you in your daily life.

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Jenny is a visionary and dreams of a world in which letting go is celebrated harder than control and in which acceptance counts more than optimisation. Not only is she the heart and mind of I love Spa – Germany’s largest yoga blog, but also a Reiki master and astrologer in training. And as if that were not enough, she organises wonderful sound baths that do not only touch the soul, but also the body.

Whether smudge-stick or energetic bath additive, planetary sound-baths or the most relaxed New Moon Milk, Jenny knows how to make your everyday life more magical and cosmic. We are happy that Jenny will share her wisdom with you at the Gathering and invites you to experience a piece of her world.

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Julia Elena

Julia Elena descends from a line of strong women – her aunt welcomes life as a midwife, her grandmother bid farewell to souls as an undertaker. Julia Elena grew up with the whole spectrum, through her runs the medicine of her Honduran ancestors and the magic of the German lineage. And thus she lightly moves through the spectrum of human experience. Whether she reads the aura or communicates with the deceased, touches your soul through her singing of ancient mantras or moves your body in yoga – an encounter with Julia is always a transforming experience.

With both feet on the ground, she as a mother of an adult daughter is very conscious of the fact that spirituality wants to be grounded in our lives. And so she works with all generations – whether Maiden or Crone – Julia Elena accompanies you at the Gathering with her very own mixture on a special journey to yourself.

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Kaja Andrea

Kaja Andrea deeply believes in the power of intention, has experienced the medicine of the Circle and can’t wait to feel the magic of this gathering and bringing it to the world. On her mother’s side she is from the line of those who carry the amber of the Baltic Sea in their eyes and the look through the time of their soul. On her father’s side she comes from those whose voice changes worlds and from the women who dance with the lightning. All this weaves itself into her DNA, her physical and spiritual.

She knows that it is time for us to remember and to use the wisdom of our ancestors to create this new time together. As a Völva and visionary, Kaja Andrea will take you on a journey to yourself. She will lift the veils between the worlds for you in the ceremonies and let you feel the magic of the holy place at the Externsteine.

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Lara Leonie 

Lara Leonie knows that by connecting with nature we also connect with each other. She loves the trees and forests, the stories they tell and the healing they bring. A tree accompanies generations of us, grandmothers, mothers, daughters. It is time to remember together. 

Lara will discover the wonders of the forest with you and open a new world for you. With her you will dive into the mystical energy of the forest at the Externsteine. And you will learn to rediscover your senses as you walk to the trees at dusk.

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Naomi is Dine‘ (Navajo) from Arizona. Her maternal clan is Dibe lizhiní – Black Sheep and her paternal clan is Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle People) Her maternal grandparents clan are Táchii’nii (Red-Running-Into-The-Water Clan) and her paternal grandparents are Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms People).  She carries the wisdom of her ancestors and knows the importance of Sacredness in our lives. As Native American Medicine Women she has a close connection to all beings, as Crystal Grid Worker she is deeply interwoven with the earth and its energy. As a storyteller and songkeeper, mother of 3 daughters and grandmother of 8 grandchildren, the focus of her work is on future generations.  

Naomi works with horse medicine, is a song keeper and a link between the worlds. She will touch your soul and cause it to vibrate. The Externsteine hold a very special energy for her, which can now be reactivated by us women together.

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Renate knows about the power of the Wise Old Woman, the Crone – after all she herself is one of the wise women who have been following this path for years. Sisterly included in the circle of the 13 indigenous grandmothers, she walks her path as priestess of the Externsteine and guardian of the Goddess Bundle, which was consecrated especially for her by the Mayan high priestess Flordemayo.

Renate knows about the power of stories – she guides you behind the apparent truth of the Externsteine and shows you the hidden signs. She carries the knowledge and remembering of the stones within her and will share it with you.

The Collective

The Collective is the circle of women who weave the wonderful web around the Gathering, which makes it an unforgettable experience. Whether in the run-up or on site, these women are present with heart and soul. Each with their own medicine, each in their own magic. Because when women come together, magic is created…


Daniela is a self-declared country girl and loves life surrounded by nature. When she was 10 years old, her grandfather suddenly passed away, giving her the first insight into the world between the worlds.

Daniela’s fascination for the subtlety of life has made her an expert in high sensitivity, the subtle body and the strength of emotions. She combines this with ceremonial work and a deep connection to nature. Daniela is an inquisitive researcher into modern spirituality and magic and how it helps us to remember who we are. Daniela is light time.

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Dani is an alchemist and full of love for the Teutoburg Forest. Her deep commitment lies in showing people how to turn their challenges into a gift. As a highly sensitive person, she knows about the apparent hurdles and has found a way to transform them into wonderful gifts.

Dani loves to watch the moon and the stars and is looking forward to experience the magic of the Externsteine with you. As an alchemist she knows about the magic of the elements.

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Deborah literally dances through life. Step by step she moves to the rhythm of her soul. As she does so, the vibrations of dance and art mix and create a completely unique rhythm.

Deborah has an eye for details and provides the verve for us. She brings movement to the gathering and a fresh breeze to the visuals. 


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Merle inherited the knowledge of the healing power of energy with her mother’s milk and received her first Reiki initiation at the age of 16. She has been working with people on a 1:1 basis for more than 10 years. And the mother of two children does not pass on her knowledge in trainings, but also to the next generation. She knows about the power of transformation when people enter the holy space of healing.

The focus of Merle’s work is emotionally-focused body and healing work and so she will be holding the Soul-Space at the Gathering. In all those moments where you feel your emotions may be getting bigger than you can grasp, Merle is at your side. 

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If there is someone who can intuitively grasp the energy of events, it is Ruth. Responsible for international events on a high level in her former life, during the last 10 years she has successfully deepened her work in coaching and energy work.

Not only does Ruth make miracles come true, she also ensures the right flow at the Gathering. Because we all know that there is more than just the outer frame.  And so Ruth will keep us in the space and care for our well-being.

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