11.-13. June 2021 


Teutoburg Forest

in the mystical triangle of Germany



11.-13. June 2021 


Teutoburg Forest

in the mystical triangle of Germany

This year’s the year. We’re coming together.

From every direction. From all generations.


We are the GrandDaughters.
And together we rise.

The times are changing.

How many times have you heard that?

And how many times have you really felt it?

We are in transition into a new time – it has never been so palpable as now. Structures are shaking, systems are being questioned, symptoms make sense, and we feel our roots as firmly as never before.

We are here as the result of the prayers of our grandmothers – the grandmothers are the ones who sustain the energy of the world through their prayers, songs and stories.

It is now up to us to bring this energy into the world, to embody it and to bring it to life.

We are the GrandDaughters and together we rise…


The Gathering is an experience that will change you – on all levels. Working through the generations and connecting with your ancestors will touch you on the cellular level. Because it is an experience that will be accompanied over several weeks.

It will allow your emotions to move and transform deeply and open your spiritual memories. You will deepen your natural path to yourself. Sovereign. Held by a powerful sisterhood crossing borders and generations.


It is time to revive the old power places of our ancestors. We are allowed to connect with them again and feel and use their energy. That is why we are coming together from different nations, for the Gathering at the Externsteine – called the most powerful power place in Europe by some indigenous elders.

Before and afterwards we will meet online. We set intentions, weave the energy and learn how to integrate the experiences into everyday life in a sustainable way.


We don’t just gather, we create Sacred Space. From intention to initiation to implementation. From the moment we make the decision, to the experience to the embodiment of the experienced.

We join in Circle a few weeks before the Gathering. Then we all come together at the Externsteine. And some weeks after that we meet again in Circle.

During the whole time the group is available for you. It is a deep experience.


The first day of the Gathering is dedicated to the roots. We meet in Horn-Bad Meinberg and open the space. In ceremony we connect with our ancestors. The ceremony honours the North, the darkness, the seat of our ancestors.

The second day is all about finding your unique way of expression. We open the day with a ceremony. We focus on the power of the East, where the sun rises.
In the morning we will experience the power places, the magic of the forest, the truth behind the myths and the deep connection to Mother Earth. From the roots a powerful stem may grow and our roots may connect – you find your position and feel how the roots support your growth.
The afternoon honours the experience and deepens it. We exchange ideas and weave a powerful net. The day ends with a fire ceremony under the stars and beautiful storytelling.

Day 3 invites us to look into the future – to the crown that we let grow. We ground the experiences. You will get input and specific tools to integrate and implement the experienced. We close with the final ceremony for the West.
In between there will be time for sharing with all the wonderful local women, for silence and peace and just enjoying life.

We are here as the result of the prayers of our grandmothers.

We embody the prayer for the next generations.

We are the GrandDaughters.


We are addressing women who are ready to take the next step in this new decade. Who are ready to see their shadows and transform them in a powerful way. Women who know that there is something greater than our own idea – a community that powerfully holds each individual and can move worlds.
We invite women from all generations – because each of us is a granddaughter and each of us is an ancestor. Women who are ready to step out of the field of pure energy and into action. To actively shape their lives and thus also to change the lives of those who come after us. Whether you are 16 or 66, just at the beginning of your spiritual path or close to enlightenment – we are looking forward to welcoming you. Because this is not about knowledge, but about knowing.
We invite women from all traditions and nations. Because „straight borders“ are something that has come about through patriarchy, missionary work, colonisation and the idea of dominating people and nature. This is not about being the best in class, but about experiencing who you are and remembering in ceremony and power places. Together we will again interweave and activate our roots. This is about you and about all of us.
If you feel the momentum and, as we do, that it is time for women and the feminine energy to regain more power in this world – we welcome you. And if you are simply curious – then so be it!
If you hear a loud YES! – let’s go! If you hear a soft whisper, feel this gentle impulse or notice how this old wish awakens within you again – trust yourself.
We are truly looking forward to getting to know you.


Say yes to a very special experience, the likes of which have never been seen before. Embedded in European indigenous wisdom, shaped by modern approaches, nourished by sisterhood, guided by feminine energy.
Say yes to who you are. Say yes to yourself. Trust the urge within you.

If you do, you will get the complete following package – and some surprises on top of it…

  • Participation in the Intention-Circle, duration 60 minutes

  • Participation in the Gathering with 4 ceremonies, 11.-13. June 2021

  • Meeting at the Externsteine, immersion into the energy & introduction into the secrets of power place, stones and forest

  • Participation in the Integration Circle, duration 60 minutes

  • Access to the exclusive Gathering Group

  • You will be part of the GrandDaughters Collective 



How to get there?

You can travel comfortably by train. The final station is Horn-Bad Meinberg. You will receive a more detailed description directly after booking. If you arrive by car, there are also enough parking spaces on site.


We meet near the Externsteine in the Yoga Videa in Horn Bad Meinberg.


On Friday you can already arrive from 2 pm. This gives you a relaxed time to check in, arrive and look around. We start at 5 pm with the opening.


We officially close the Gathering on Sunday at 1:30 pm as scheduled. Afterwards there will be room for exchange and farewell. The doors will close at 3:00 pm


The journey by car is relatively easy. Please take into account the potential commuter or holiday traffic and plan enough buffer. Recently the address was changed to Yogaweg 1, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg. Many navigation systems do not know this address yet. Alternatively please use the old address: Wallenweg 46, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg.

For potential carpools there is the Facebook group.

Bus & Train

You can also travel comfortably by train. The destination station is Horn-Bad Meinberg. From there you can take the bus line 782 almost to the front door.

The entrance is at the bus stop „Bahnhof“. You will find it when you get off the train and turn left. The exit is the bus stop „Kurzentrum“. From there it is a 3 minute walk. Please follow the signs to Yoga Vidya.

After the first right-hand bend, the Seminarhaus Shanti is the first building on the right-hand side.

Alternatively you can also take a taxi from the train station. From experience, this costs about 12 Euros. It is worth ordering one in advance. If you want to share the taxi or find out if someone is on the same train with you: the Facebook group is the right place to do so.


From the train station Horn-Bad Meinberg it is about four kilometres to the seminar house Shanti. It is also possible to take a taxi from the train station to the seminar house. Please order the taxi a few days in advance.

Taxi call from/to train station approx. 12€:

Prasse +49-5234-89933;

Blomberger/Henke +49-5234-9555;

Brandl +49-5234-98805 or +49-160-98101101;

Wienke +49-5234-98147

You can find all further information on how to get there here.

Where to stay?

The seminar house Shanti is situated in the countryside and is connected to the YogaVidea, which offers various accommodation options. There is a choice between different options. If you are looking for someone to share a room with you, you can do so in the event group. We will set up a corresponding post office there.

Single room 117,-€

Double room bed 85,-€

four-bed room bed 67,50€

tent/camper van 57,-€

What is the food?

We firmly believe that food can be medicine for body, mind and soul, especially when we eat and feed together. We start with a common dinner on Friday, come together for breakfast and dinner on Saturday and open Sunday with a common breakfast. Experience has shown that good food, good conversation and time together have a magical effect. The food is part of the Gathering. The food for breakfast and dinner is vegetarian & vegan. There will be a buffet where you can help yourself. The pure lacto-vegetarian / vegan cuisine of Yoga Vidya e.V. is one of the largest certified organic kitchens in Germany. It uses 100 % food from controlled biological origin.

What IT knowledge do I need?

You do not need any technical knowledge. All you need is either a phone or an internet connection.

At the time of the respective Circle you can simply dial in using the phone number or the link we sent you in advance and join the Circle.

If you can’t make it to a live event, you can access the recordings and watch the video.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Initiatories

We are at a crossroads.

It is time for us to take our place as the daughters and granddaughters of those who came before us. It is time to remember what our ancestors have preserved and to carry it into the new age. It is time to change the world together.

Collectively. With each other. 

For us. For those who come after us.

This experience is initiated by Lara and Kaja – they also feel that it is time to change the world together.


Together we rise.

For us and the next 7 generations.

We are the GrandDaughters.