When women come together, magic is created 

This is an invitation.
An invitation for you to once again fully dive into the powerful space of memory in the here and now.
You become part of a group of very special women,
you will experience community and feel sisterhood.

We are the GrandDaughters


So often we take a small step here and a small step there. This often leads to a little change here and a little insight there. And often these get lost in everyday life, we cannot integrate what we have experienced or cannot hold on to what we have felt. Because these individual steps usually do not create a lasting change. And so we somehow always start again from the beginning. Or at a point that somehow already seems all too familiar to us. That’s why we have created this Gathering Experience.



What awaits you at The GrandDaughters Gathering is not an event like many others. This Gathering is a several week long experience that will change you – on all levels. The work and connection with the ancestors will touch you on the cellular level. Moving emotions will open new possibilities for relationships of all kinds. Rediscovering your spiritual memories will deepen your natural path to yourself.

We are not just coming together, we are creating a Sacred Space. From intention to initiation to implementation. From the moment we make the decision, to the experience and then to the embodiment of the experience. 

That is why we meet virtually in advance to set the intention. And afterwards to see where you still need support or input. By participating in one of the „Intention-Circles“ before the Gathering you will be able to be well prepared. You will be able to focus your energy and appear in your full presence. The Integration Circle after the Gathering will help you to embody more deeply what you have experienced in your daily life.

As part of an emerging community, you can stay connected to the energy and wisdom more easily. We will open a shared virtual space for exchange and support. And yes, we are coming together as well. This Gathering is for you – your experience, your embodiment, your empowerment.


This experience – the Intention-Circle, the Gathering, the Integration-Circle – shows you how to reclaim your power as a woman, how to use your energy in a powerful way and how to recognise the old blockades and patterns that still hinder you. Together we resolve ancient individual and collective issues.


Opening the space

The intention circle serves to bring us together even before the actual event and open the space together. Every ceremony begins with an intention, which ensures that it is brought to life. Intentions nourish the seed, the idea, the vision and make them become reality. 

This focus is what brings us together in the Intention-Circle. Because our time together does not start with the Gathering, but already well before. And together we can decide how we can nourish our coming together on the Externsteine in advance.



The Gathering

When we meet on the weekend of 11.-13.06.2021, we do so on the previously woven web of intentions. That which still existed in the energy space will now be manifested. The ceremonies, the exchange, the meeting at the Externsteine – all these are powerful elements that we will experience together. We will weave the web in physical space, meet each other, listen to the drums together and meet the ancestors. It is an initiation on all levels.


Shaping everyday life

Take your time for integration – Kaja heard this sentence from Standing Eagle 20 years ago. And it came true. First of all, it takes time to really let the activated energy sink into our system and let the vibrations spread in our everyday life. To ensure that this integration is well accompanied, we will meet at the Integration Circle a few weeks after the Gathering. For specific tips, sharing experiences, energetic support and everything that moves you. 


The Flow

Friday 11.06.2021 / ROOTS

We officially start at 4:30 pm, you can arrive at 2 pm and check into your room at 3 pm.

This first day is dedicated to the roots. Our physical roots, our spiritual roots. We come together for the opening and enter our common space.

Afterwards we will have dinner together, because we firmly believe that food can be medicine for body, mind and soul, especially if we eat and nurture together.

At sunset we begin the first ceremony, which honours and invites our ancestors. It is the ceremony dedicated to the North. It honours the darkness from which we all emerge and which is the seat of our ancestors. Afterwards there will be time for storytelling, being together and sharing.


Saturday 12.06.2021 / ESSENCE

After a rich breakfast we get together and start the day. This day is dedicated to the essence. Your essence, the essence of our soul, the essence that connects us as women, the essence that weaves through everything, through all times. You are invited to find your unique way of expression.

Together we will go to the Externsteine and hold a ceremony in the energy of the power place. Our focus is the essence of new beginnings – where we are nourished by the power of our roots. We dedicate this ceremony to the power of the East, where the sun rises, where the moment begins, the place of the first breath.

After the ceremony we will experience the power places, the mysticism of the forest, the truth behind the myths and the deep connection to Mother Earth together. From the roots a powerful stem may grow – you find your position and feel how the roots support your growth. 

You will be part of a journey that connects you to the energy of the forest that has surrounded the Externsteine since time immemorial and witnessed all the events and ceremonies before us. 

You will discover the hidden power places that are off the beaten track and will experience their magic in a trance.

You will become part of a powerful prayer of all the women at the „Mother Rock“ which carries the energy and blessings of countless women and priestesses from the time of Christianity.

You will learn the true story of the Externsteine, which exists hidden behind the official version and you can ask questions. You will be able to see through the veil and discover new things.

After a break at lunchtime, which can be arranged freely by everyone – whether in silence, by the stones or together in a nearby restaurant – we will meet at the Yoga Vidya again in the afternoon.

The afternoon together honours the experience and deepens it. We share and weave a powerful net. You will become part of the story of all those who gathered at this magical power place before.

After dinner we close with a fire ceremony under the stars and storytelling.


Sunday 13.11.2021 / TOMORROW

On the last day of the Gathering, we look to the future. After breakfast we ground the experiences. You will get input and specific tools to integrate and implement the experienced. Because there is no enlightenment without embodiment. You will learn how to carry the experienced into your everyday life. How you can shape tomorrow for those who come after us.

Finally, in our Closing Ceremony, we look to the West – the place of tomorrow, of completion and the energy of the end and the beginning. For when the day ends the night begins. When the Gathering ends, our path begins.

We officially close at 1:30 pm. However, there is still room for goodbyes, sharing, hugs and all the other important things until 3:00 pm.

Even though the program sounds rich, trust that there will be enough time for exchange with all the wonderful women on site, for silence and peace and for just enjoying life.



Friday 11.06.2021

14:30 Check In

16:30 Opening

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Opening-Ceremony Ancestors & Roots / followed by: Stories, Songs & Sisterhood

Saturday 12.06.2021

07:00 Morning activity (optional)

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Ceremony Externsteine Essence 

10:30 Meet the Wisdom Keepers at the Externsteine (small groups) / followed by self planned lunch

15:00 Sessions (small groups)

16:30 Talking-Circle (all)

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Ceremony / followed by: Mantras. Movement & Movie

Sunday 13.06.2021

07:00 Morning activity (optional)

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Circle (all)

10:00 Wisdom-Panel / How to implement spirituality and your mission into your life

11:30 Ceremony Completion and New Beginnings

13:00 Closing

13:30 Closing / doors close at 15:00 for enough time for subsequent exchange and farewell


This overview is for your mind, so that it has something to orient itself by. We reserve the right to adapt individual points of the agenda fluidly – walking with Spirit and feeling the moment… some things take a little bit longer, some processes happen at light speed

The Externsteine

The Externsteine are located in the Teutoburg Forest. They were the place that the tribes under Widukind defended with their lives after the Irminsul – the World Tree – was destroyed by Charlemagne and the original faith was at stake.

We all know how the story ended. Within 30 years all tribes were forcibly resettled and the old faith was banned.

In the meantime the holy caves are closed by a pond and the memory disappears.

The Externsteine have always been a power place and it is time to reactivate them as such.

We hold the future in our hand.

It is time to create it.

We are the GrandDaughters.