Awaken the power of the ancient places.

Be part of a unique momentum.


We have consciously decided to create an experience which is more than just the conventional retreat. Together we will immerse ourselves in a powerful space over several weeks. Because we don’t want just the drop in the bucket or a breathing space from everyday life. This experience will touch you deeply and give you the chance for real and lasting transformation. It is not just an entertaining inspiration, but a deep initiation. And we are very happy to welcome you into our circle. Because together we can change the world.


The following are included in the booking of a ticket:

  • Participation in the Intention-Circle, duration 60 minutes

    • Participation in the Gathering with 4 ceremonies, 11.-13.June 2021

    • Meeting at the Externsteine, immersion into the energy & introduction into the secrets of power place, stones and forest

    • Participation in the Integration Circle, duration 60 minutes

    • Access to the exclusive Gathering Group

    • You will be part of the GrandDaughters Collective

Booking: There is a fixed contingent for each type of ticket. So there is a number of tickets and no date when the sale ends. Once the tickets are assigned, the next category opens.

After you have booked your ticket, you can book your accommodation directly at the seminar house Shanti. You can choose between the options single room, double room, 4-bed room and camping/tent. All information can be found in the FAQs below and in the email you will receive after booking your ticket.


What is the different categories?

We are looking forward to seeing you! We are happy if you directly listen to your inner YES and decide to be there. There is no difference between the tickets of the different categories, except the time when you say YES.

We would like to support the fact that our planning reliability increases with every early decision. This is where the different categories come from.

Each ticket includes the participation in the whole experience of several weeks: the 2 Circles, the Gathering with the 4 ceremonies and the group. You will get all the important preliminary information and the preparation tasks we offer. 

In case you buy your ticket after the last Circle before the Gathering you will get access to the recordings and can therefore get in deep. We work with intention and energy – you will feel it.

Is there a discount?

We look forward to welcoming as many women as possible. That’s why we have chosen the Yoga Vidya, which is not only located near the Externsteine, but also offers different accommodation options. 

At the moment we are still looking forward to welcoming women to complement our GrandDaughter Collective on site. We take care of your overnight stay in a 4-bed room, you get dinner and breakfast and you are fully involved with a look behind the scenes. If you are interested, send us a message to

Regarding child discounts, please see below – the question will be answered there.

Are there any specific requirements for the participation?

We invite women from all generations – because each of us is a granddaughter and each of us is an ancestress. Whether you are 16 or 66, just at the beginning of your spiritual path or close to enlightenment – we look forward to meeting you. Because this is not about knowledge, but about wisdom. In short: there are no requirements except your YES!

If you feel the impulse and feel, as we do, that it is time for women and the feminine energy to regain more power in this world – then we welcome you.

And if you are just curious – then so be it!

We invite you to bring your mother or daughter, aunt or niece with you. Together we can weave the web anew over the generations.

For us and all those who come after us.


If you hear a loud YES! now – let’s go!

If you hear a soft whisper, feel this gentle impulse or notice how this old wish awakens in you again – trust yourself. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Where exactly does the Gathering take place?

We meet in the seminar house Shanti in Horn Bad Meinberg. The seminar house is located in the immediate area of the Externsteine and the energy of the Teutoburg Forest that surrounds us can be felt everywhere.

The Silvaticum Provincial Forest Park also borders directly on the grounds of the seminar house, in the flowing transition between the Lippe forests and the well-kept health resort park in Bad Meinberg. Since the 1960s, forest and meadow landscapes from 14 regions of our earth have been cultivated here.

With its exceptional tree population and unique landscape concept, the Silvaticum radiates special power and tranquillity. It is ideal for long walks and intensive nature experiences.

On Saturday we spend a good part of the day directly at the Externsteine.

How do I get to the event by public transport and what about parking spots?

You can arrive comfortably by train. The destination station is Horn-Bad Meinberg. You will receive a more detailed description directly after booking. If you arrive by car, there are also enough parking spaces on site.



We meet near the Externsteine in the Yoga Videa in Horn Bad Meinberg. 


On Friday you can already arrive from 14:00 on. This gives you a relaxed time to check in, arrive and have a look around. We start at 5:00 pm with the opening.


We officially close the Gathering on Sunday at 1:30 pm as scheduled. Afterwards there will be room for exchange and farewell. The doors will close at 15:00


The journey by car is relatively easy. Please take into account the potential commuter or holiday traffic and plan enough buffer. Recently the address was changed to Yogaweg 1, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg. Many navigation systems do not know this address yet. Alternatively please use the old address: Wallenweg 46, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg.

For potential carpools there is a Facebook group.

Bus & Train

You can also travel comfortably by train. The destination station is Horn-Bad Meinberg. From there you can take the bus line 782 almost to the front door.

The entrance is at the bus stop „Bahnhof“. You will find it when you get off the train and turn left. The exit is the bus stop „Kurzentrum“. From there it is a 3 minute walk. Please follow the signs to Yoga Vidya.

After the first right-hand bend, the Seminarhaus Shanti is the first building on the right-hand side.

Alternatively you can also take a taxi from the train station. From experience, this costs about 12 Euros. It is worth ordering one in advance. If you want to share the taxi or find out if someone is on the same train with you: the Facebook group is the right place to do so.


From the train station Horn-Bad Meinberg it is about four kilometres to the seminar house Shanti. It is also possible to take a taxi from the train station to the seminar house. Please order the taxi a few days in advance.

Taxi call from/to train station approx. 12€: 

Prasse 0049-5234 89933;

Blomberger/Henke 0049-5234 9555;

Brandl 0049-5234 98805 or 0049-160-98101101;

Wienke 0049-5234 98147;

You can find all further information on how to get there here.

Where can I spend the night?

The seminar house Shanti is situated in the countryside and is connected to the Yoga Videa, which offers various accommodation options. There is a choice between different options. If you are looking for someone to share a room with you, you can do so in the event group. We will set up a corresponding post office there.

Single room 117,-€

Double room bed 85,-€

four-bed room bed 67,50€

tent/camper van 57,-€


Seminarhaus Shanti
Campus Yoga Vidya e.V.

Yogaweg 1
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Tel.: 0049-5234 / 87-2332
E-Mail: gastgruppen(at)

What are we having for breakfast / lunch / dinner?

We firmly believe that food can be medicine for body, mind and soul, especially when we eat and nourish ourselves together. We start with a common dinner on Friday, come together for breakfast and dinner on Saturday and open Sunday with a common breakfast. Experience has shown that good food, good conversation and time together have a magical effect. The food is part of the Gathering. The food for breakfast and dinner is vegetarian & vegan. There will be a buffet where you can help yourself. The pure lacto-vegetarian / vegan cuisine of Yoga Vidya e.V. is one of the largest certified organic kitchens in Germany. It uses 100 % food from controlled biological origin.

How can I register a second woman?

After booking your „Bring a Sister Special“ or „Mother Daughter Special“ ticket, simply send us the name and email address of the second woman. Then we will add her directly to our list. 

Are there "children's prices"?

We are happy when many generations come together.

That’s why we offer the option of reduced tickets for our youngest participants.

Participation in the Gathering: Under 10 years free of charge. / From 11 to 16 years – 50 % reduction on the ticket price

Accommodation at Yoga Vidya: Under 3 years free of charge / From 3 to 11 years – 50 % / From 12 to 15 years – 30 % discount

There will be no official childcare from our side.  There is an option to book child care at Yoga Vidya. See the corresponding question.


Is it possible to have childcare in the house?

Basically we are happy about all the young people who will be there. However, if you feel that you want to have your own space, you can contact the seminar house directly. 

Here is the appropriate text:

In our house we have a childcare facility (Ganesha’s Children’s World) with its own space.

On the one hand there is the possibility for children to book our Yoga-Vidya children’s seminars. The hours of child care are based on the time frame of our Yoga-Vidya seminars. To book the children’s seminars, please contact our info phone at 0049 5234-87-0.

It is also possible to book individual care.

This must be registered with the childcare team at least 2 weeks before arrival and costs € 3.00 for 8 – 11 a.m. in the morning or € 6.00 for 2 – 6 p.m. together.

For guest groups we have a childcare fee of 10,- €/hour.
That is then from 8-11 o’clock 30,-€ and 14-18 o’clock 40,-€
Outside normal hours we charge 12,50€/hour, i.e. from 12-14 and from 18-21

For further information, please contact the childcare team directly at kinder(at) or phone: 0049 5234-87-2134.

Is the Gathering barrier-free?

Some single and double rooms in the seminar house are wheelchair accessible and equipped. The seminar rooms, dining rooms, lounge and foyer are freely accessible to wheelchair users.

There is a car park at the Externsteine and the path to the stones is also barrier-free. It is a partly unpaved hiking trail. Some of the stations at the Externsteine on Saturday mornings are not barrier-free, as they are located in the forest and can be reached via stairs and/or hiking trails. According to the current planning we will have a station at the foot of the stones all the time, which should be accessible. And the energy can be felt everywhere. 

The ceremonies are all at ground level, if the weather is fine they will take place outside.

Which technical requirements do I need for the Circle?

You do not need any technical background knowledge. All you need is either a phone or an internet connection.

At the time of the respective Circle you can simply dial in using the phone number or the link we sent you in advance and join the Circle.

If you can’t make it to a live event, you can access the recordings and watch the video.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your question was not answered?

You have a question we haven’t answered yet? Then please write to us at

The venue

The seminar house Shanti is located in Horn-Bad Meinberg between Bielefeld, Paderborn and Detmold and in the immediate vicinity of the Externsteine.

This region – also known as the mystical triangle of central Europa – is filled with ancient wisdom and remnants of pre-Christian traditions and spirituality.

The Teutoburg Forest still has mystical groves and Bielefeld is home to a black Madonna. So, next to the Externsteine, there is much else to discover. All this is woven by the web about this mystical region.

Just click on the map and plan your personal trip.


We can nurture your future now.
For a world where the next generations will live in good health. We can choose to be good ancestors.